In this current era of Digital Marketing, Content writing is a new term for all the newbies. When we search anything on Google or any other search engine, we see results either in text form or video content. Content writing can also be considered as the foundation of all the information and data on the World Wide Web (WWW). In this article, we are going to discuss about top 7 Content Writing Tips that every person should know in 2020.

We all know the search engine giant Google serves a lot of information to us showing billions of results in very small amount of time. This can be possible due to huge quality content posted every second on Internet. Let’s know about one of the unique and best Content Writing Tips.

Why You Need to Learn Content Writing Tips?

The subject of blog or content writing is a very vast concept. Before giving first hand to content writing you must know it well that why you need to learn about Content Writing Tips. Here are some reasons listed below:

Huge Demand: Do you love to write about things? Do you enjoy blogging or creating text content on the web? So this is an appropriate and perfect job for you. There is a huge scope of content writing in the online marketing industry. You can make your own blog and can write about in which niche you’re interested in.

Almost 90% people use internet to search information on the web. So you can take benefit of it and start your own blog or website.

Freelancing Business: There are a lot of options in content writing field. You can either choose to job in the corporate or to become a freelancer and take project online. There are a number of freelancing platforms from which you can take your own projects at home like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, JobBoy and LinkedIn too.

Improve Vocabulary:

The main advantage of doing online Content Writing is that you have a great chance to improve your vocabulary. Your content writing will also help you to polish your writing skills more and more. It will also help you to make a strong command on the language in which you are writing your content. The following tips that are listed below you to understand Content Writing Tips.

1. Proper SEO Keyword Research

Prior to you even begin to write content, you have to recognize on which topic you're writing on — and you can solve two problems at once If you combine search engine optimization with your publication schedule arranging. New York Times Bestselling creator and top advertiser Neil Patel calls keywords explore "the most significant piece of Digital Marketing".

If you write content that people are not going to search for then it’s no use to write content. There are a lot of Free Keyword Research Tools in the online marketing like Google Keyword Planner, Ubbersuggest (By Neil Patel), Thehoth and Answer the public. These mentioned tools will help you to find you content topic.

2. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

A web page stuffed with keywords seems like fake and untrustworthy to both Google and human readers. Your conversion rate and SERPs rankings will start to go down, along with your real time page views. Readers start to see it as a low quality page and bounce quickly, and over time search engines slap down your domain.

The strategy of keyword stuffing will put bad effect on your readers and this will result into decreased website traffic. A user will never come again on your website if he or she see fake kind of keyword stuffing.

3. Use Info graphics & Images

When a user comes to read an article on your website or blog, it is a very rare chance that he or she will be on your website until unless he/she found some info graphics and images on your blog which describes and justify your content. If there will be only text content, the more a visitor will get bore and skip your website.

Try to use attractive images in your content writing that tells the visual picture of a particular post that makes your content more readable and user friendly. Don’t use copyrighted images in your content blog post if you do so mention image source, this will make a good first impression to your entire visitor. There are a number of image editing tools and info graphic creator tools you can try that free.

4. Keep Your Content Interesting

The first thing to keep in mind that you choose a topic that a user interested to read so for that propose do proper keyword research before writing on any topic. Always try to justify your content with making bullet points. Use a simple language while writing content so as it will easily understandable to a user.


Content writing is an interesting topic in this internet age. There are unique Content Writing Tips shared above that will definitely help you to write an engaging and impactful content. If you find this article helpful please don’t be lazy to share this Article.

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